PNG#10 Takkiduda & Tatsumi Ryusui

14.Juni 21:00 Uhr [ ]KUZE

Takkiduda (Tokyo)

Experimental Music/Improvisation/Visual Art/Theatre

"We think that living according to the laws of nature is the most important.

We are feeling that all something that exists , all happening and all phenomenon is are precious things that give us notice. Everything exists for each other’s evolution. From this point of view, it means that everything exists as love…human being, nature, machine, object, phenomenon, happening, etc… We feel that this world evolves toward love and harmony.

The meaning of “ Takkiduda ” is the energy of the cosmic love, which evolves and leads everything to harmony.We can just look forward and recognize that every single thing happening to us is happiness. We aim the coexistence with nature, civilization and machinery in a better balance.

Our performance is absolute improvisation such as most primitive style. We make our sounds based on the animal instinct of the natural human beings."

Tatsumi Ryusui (Berlin)


Electronic music that leads you to places that never existed and that hug your soul.