Ultraviolet garden Exh. 2½

Heute 20:00 Uhr XXIX

Vor dem dritten Teil der konzeptuellen Veranstaltungsreihe rund um experimenteller Klänge wird noch die 2,5 eingeschoben.

Diesmal mit:
E.U.E.R.P.I. is a solo project of Mirian Kolev (Bulgaria). He uses guitar running through software effects and some other non-traditional staff/instruments. Its style could be generally defined as experimental psychedelic ambient .This is of course, a draft definition since he plays live, improvising to a great extend which makes every performance unique, depending on the place and moods.�

Tooth Decay
Sci-fi ambient from the heart of Metropolis.
Vast visions of empty space. Colorful pillars of Nebula.
Traveling through the vacuum.
Slumbering in a blissful, artificial coma.