02. Juni | 11:00 Uhr | Potsdam HBF

DEMO against Deportation to the Interior Ministry

We need your Solidarity to Stop Deportation!
The most pressing problem at the moment facing refugee women is deportation. This topic is dominating all our meetings. 3 out of 5 women are living in fear of being deported either back to their country of origin or to another European country (Dublin III cases). This is a result of the new laws whose target is to deport as many refugees as possible. Women and children are having sleepless nights because of deportation fears. Many women are depressed and stressed to a point that our meetings have become a space for fleeing their fears and stresses.
After facing dangerous routes on our journey to Europe, as women we are faced with sexism and racist borders which expose us to all types of prejudice. As refugee women we re confronted with multiple inner and outer borders during and after the flight. When we arrive in Germany and request for asylum and think we are safe to build a new life, but this is not the case because the next thing is being threatened with deportation. This makes life more difficult and is resulting in all desperate measures including suicides as the example of a young Eritrean woman near Leipzig shows.

The interior minister in Brandenburg Schroeter is known to us from his days in the district of “Oberhavel”, who obliged refugees to live with vouchers until he left behind this task to become interior minister. We are aware he would like to go down on record as the one who achieved the highest number of deportation by all means. This press release from Flüchtlingsrat Brandenburg is showing a chronological order of the many oppressive decisions he has made against refugees.

Mister Schroeter is responsible for the deportation of a young man to Afghanistan in March and he is now pressing the districts of Brandenburg to deport more refugees to Afghanistan. Its a crime to deport persons to a country in war, where exists so few security that Germany among others sends weapons and soldiers in the failed intent to “stabilize”.
We support the call from the Brandenburg Flüchtlingsrat that Mr. Schroeter has to resign!!

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